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Our Programs

Angel Food Assistance Fund

The United States is one of the world's wealthiest nations, yet more than 40 million Americans, including 12 million children, live in households that struggle to put food on the table. How can you help fight hunger? When you donate to this fund, it goes directly to families who have contacted us needing groceries. Orders are placed through Instacart & pics/receipts are always shared on our Instagram page. You can donate via Venmo @zomba1.

Domestic Violence Fund

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Americans are required to stay home to protect themselves and their communities. However, every home situation is not be safe for families who experience domestic violence, which may include both intimate partners and children. The Black Fairy Godmother Domestic Violence Fund helps place families safely who are fleeing unsafe environments. Help us continue to restore hope to broken families.

Adopt-A-Family Program

The Adopt-A-Family Program allows our supporters to select one of our fundraisers to share on their social media platforms or personally amongst family, friends, and colleagues. Everyone participates in giving to this fundraiser to until it is fulfilled.

To adopt a family:

  1. DM The Black Fairy Godmother Team
  2. Choose a fundraiser or wish list
  3. Share the fundraiser or wish list on social media and other channels to help a family in need

Emergency Assistance Fund

Our Emergency Fund is for the sole purpose of helping families with IMMEDIATE needs for transportation, utility bills, urgent medical care, and other critical situations.

Contributing to this fund helps keep families in crisis from experiencing additional loss and can change the lives of a whole family.

Birthday Fundraiser

Use your birthday celebration to make a difference by choosing a fundraiser to promote amongst your friends, family, and associates. Rather than gifting you with presents, they will contribute to fulfill the fundraiser until it is complete. Contact us to receive a fundraiser assignment and share your birthday love with others!

Daily Fundraisers

Every day we receive requests from families in need of housing, transportation needs, school needs, medical supplies, etc. We vet these families to determine the validity of their need. Then we have them create a fundraiser link through either GoFundMe or PayPal Pool so we can share it via The Black Fairy Godmother Instagram page and get help from our many Angels across the world. You will see them presented on our feed. Find the link to donate via the link in our Instagram bio or through this website.

FairyDust Scholarship Program

The FairyDust Scholarship Program is for single marginalized mothers who want to attend school to help stabilize their lives by attending community college, obtain a license or certificate of their choice, or complete a GED program. Scholarships are awarded on Mother's Day each year. We are showing women that there is life after trauma.